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Children Portrait Series: Finding Home

Dearest Family <3

We are still here in India and enjoying every beautiful insightful moment with the tribal families and children. We have been documenting this epic journey every step of the way and we are excited to start sharing this story. We have started the process of creating two photography portrait series all shot by our amazing sister Hannah Rajah to tell the story of this journey through the faces of the orphans we are supporting and the tribal mothers who are affected most by the new clean water systems we are building.

Here is the first photo from the portrait series "Finding Home." The photos and stories in this series are of the 12 children from the Canan Children's home that we've been supporting since last year. Finding Home is a narrative of about what it means to come home told through the faces of these children.

Meet Nandu:

He is 7 years old. His mother brought him to the orphanage 4 years ago, no longer being able to support him due to financial poverty. He suffers from a history of abuse due to alcoholism and mental illness in his family. Nandu is one of the youngest boys at the orphanage. He is quiet and kind in his nature. While the other boys gravitate towards football, Nandu can be found in nature building with rocks or playing in the water.

To help support children like Nandu, you can donate using the link below.

With Love <3

The Anahata Ma Family

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