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Join Our Family

Everyday, thousands of families live without access to clean drinking water and thousands of children without homes also go without food.  Help us support our global families in need by bringing your community together to help people understand the importance and power of relieving global suffering.

Teachers of healing practices, artists, dancers, musicians and creative brothers and sisters join our family by offering your gifts by donation in your community.  Tell us how you'd like to help and 100% of your donations will go directly to Anahata Ma projects.  In 2016 we hosted yoga/meditation classes and peaceful gatherings in five countries across two continents and raised over $6000 to bring over 150 families access to clean drinking water and support to an orphanage of twelve children.  Sharing your creative and healing gifts by donation not  only enriches the well being of our communities it is also brings us together in the spirit of helping others.

Connect with us on social media to help build awareness and share the story of Anahata Ma with your online community.  Every time someone shares a post or story it has the potential to reach others who will support our projects and build awareness about the importance of helping those in need.  Therefore each time you share something it will transform directly into liters of clean water for underdeveloped communities and support for orphaned children.   

100% of donations go directly to building clean water systems for underdeveloped  villages and supporting orphaned children in southern India.  With your help we can relieve global suffering one village and one child at a time <3  

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