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About Anahata Ma

Anahata Ma is a grassroots charity organization and community dedicated to supporting those who are without the basic needs to sustain health and well being.  Our mission is to bring relief to impoverished areas of our planet through educating and empowering rural communities with the development of sustainable living practices. 

We are an open community of like minded  yoga/mediation teachers, artists, musicians and beautiful brothers and sisters alike striving together to alleviate global suffering.  We do this by offering our creative gifts and healing practices through classes and workshops on a donation basis around the world to help raise awareness and funds for our projects.  We understand that by healing ourselves we are healing the Earth.

About our Family 



In 2012 I left my job, apartment and all belongings in NYC on  a journey to find a deeper sense of happiness and peace in my life.  Since then waves of  beautiful moments and deep insights have kept me cruising the world absorbing the teachings of ancient healing practices from the masters in their indigenous lands.  From living with monks in the mountains of northern Burma to shamans in the jungles of South America to gurujis in ashrams throughout India, slowly slowly peace and healing began to arrive within and it then became my mission to share  this art of natural healing with others.  When the inspiration to create Anahata Ma was happening it became clear these gifts  would not only help those in a class or workshop but also impoverished communities experiencing a more life threatening form of suffering.

In 2016 while I was traveling in India I spent some time in rural villages with people that did not have access to clean drinking water and with children who didn't have reliable access to food and healthcare.  I was deeply affected by this experience and I became incredibly inspired to do everything I could to empower these communities.  In March of 2016 I started Anahata Ma with the dream to bring relief to these families and children by sharing yoga, meditation and music therapy by donation in the west to bring awareness and relief to those suffering in the east.  I look forward to continue doing what I can to help others and I am honored to share that journey with you.   


Fundraising Manager and Co-Creator

I love dreaming, co-creating and working for my own and others goals. I have a strong feeling in my heart to support my worldwide family locally and globally. Together with my passion for personal development I have trained myself in various healing techniques including meditation, yoga, life coaching and certified HeartMath nervous system trainer. I also have a Bachelor degree in human rights which reflects my intention to work for the betterment of our world.


Anahata Ma is my way of doing what I love to do, creating healing circles, parties, events and activities that nourishes the body, mind and soul for all co-creators and participants. Meanwhile grounding that into our global world through gifting back as much as possible of that energy through fundraising at these events. Our Well Gathering event in Stockholm in 2016 was an incredible success and resulted in  the creation of five water wells. Next autumn, myself along with our supporting community here in Stockholm we plan to host more workshops and healing festivals by donation to support  Anahata Ma sustainable community projects.


Storyteller and Co-Creator

My journey with Anahata Ma started over a year ago when I spoke with a dear friend about a dream to support a sustainable orphanage and create a paradigm model that can be shared. I was then serendipitously introduced to Ian who shared the same vision as me, and together we dreamed a beautiful journey and service into fruition.


I am a storyteller. My mediums are photography, music and writing.


Together we have overseen the construction of eleven water wells and rainwater harvesting systems in rural Kerala for communities bereft of it. We have heard many stories from tribal mothers and their families, orphans in the home we support, speak to us of their trials and hopes in life. We have created a beautiful portrait series on their stories, which we are so excited to share with you. I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of a project with so much heart and depth, and I look forward to our next mission project in India.

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