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Our Projects

Our focus is to bring relief to impoverished areas of our planet through educating and empowering rural communities with the development of sustainable living practices and natural resources.  Our projects start with the most basic needs such as building clean drinking water systems and supporting orphan children with  education, food, and basic healthcare.  In 2017 we're looking to expand sustainable living education into community programs designed to empower widowed women with skills they can use like tailoring and natural soap making to support their children and families. 


Anahata Ma Water is a movement to help raise awareness about what it means to have the gift of clean drinking and to bring that gift to those living without.  Our movement starts in the tribal areas of southern India where thousands live without access to clean drinking water. The cost to build one water well or rainwater harvesting tank is $500 and can supply up to 50 families with clean drinking water for a lifetime. 

The gift of clean water is one of the highest blessings any being on this earth can receive.  It brings tremendous relief to the families of these tribal communities, especially the women.  Those of us who live in areas of abundant water supply with the means to filtrate it as well are often not mindful that thousands live without this basic necessity to sustain a comfortable life.  Through becoming aware of this sacred gift we can begin to realize it's importance and come together to bring it to those who need it.

Since 2016 we have brought the gift of water to over 150 families with the construction of six water wells and five rainwater harvesting tanks in southern India.  Help us continue to bring clean water to families from our global community living without by donating today <3

Orphanage Support

Children are our greatest teachers and our future depends their happiness and well being.  Everyday, thousands of children who are without a home can also go without food and we are here to help them.  Currently we supply food, basic health care, english lessons, music lessons and repairs to the house for a small orphanage of twelve children in Neyyar Dam South India called The Canan Children's Home.  Just $300 a month supplies the orphanage with the basics to enjoy a healthy, safe and comfortable standard of living and a small savings for things like repairs to the home or emergencies. The fund for the Canan Childrens Home is ongoing and we've been supporting them since May 2016.  We hope in 2017 to expand our reach to support other orphanages in the future if funding permits. 


You can help us continue bringing them the gifts of food, healthcare, education and everything else they need to live a comfortable life  by donating below <3 

 Eco Orphanage

The Vision

To create a self sustainable childrens home in southern India designed in complete harmony with the laws of nature by incorporating permaculture farming for food supply, organic composting of all waste, use of renewable energy, meditation practice, mindful living, and educating the children living there on all of these beautiful practices.  Eco orphanages will not only house and care for  previously homeless children but also lay a foundation of sustainable living for our future on Earth.


Why Eco Orphanages?

Children living in westernized countries by the time they six years old can identify the names and logos of major corporations but cannot name one animal or plant native to where they live.  Pollution of our air, soil, oceans and fresh water supply has now reached a level of critical ecological emergency.  The pollution of our exterior world is also a direct reflection of the pollution of our interior world on a physical, mental and spiritual level.  Violence, obesity, depression, cancer, disease, greed and ignorance to these truths are common conditions and practices of humans today.  If we are to survive as a species on this planet we must connect our minds and hearts back to the source of love, peace and truth from which they came.  By creating eco orphanages and communities we can not only save homeless children we can re-educate and empower them to lead us into an evolved future of healing, deep understanding of nature and peace on Earth.

The Land

The land we have found for the first Eco Orphanage is a 1 acre parcel located on the banks of the Neyyar River in the small village of Neyyar Dam, South India. The town is built around the Neyyar Dam which is a gravity dam on the Neyyar River tucked just below the beginning of the western ghat mountain range surrounding a most beautiful, clean lake created by the Dam. The nature is beautiful, tropical, mountainous and has a jungle rain forest climate.  The land has a 50 foot water well and pump house so a clean water source is available.  The land is currently used as rubber tree plantation. This will provide the foundation for permaculture farming on the land providing both food and income for the orphanage.  To purchase the land we hope to raise $60,000.

Sustainable Community Development

With the westernization of healthcare, food supply and management of natural resources, rural low income communities across the planet have suffered greatly.  With little to no access to decent education while traditional skill sets have faded with elders due to capitalism, people in rural communities are left without jobs, clean water, skills or opportunity of any kind to overcome poverty. 


Our initiative is to bring basic education programs to poor villages in South India placing special emphasis on  women and women's empowerment.  In India, women who have lost their husbands do not have an opportunity to re marry and often times can no longer care for their children properly and don't have the means to send them to school.  By providing education and training for basic skills like tailoring and sewing we can empower these women to provide a decent income for their families while remaining environmentally conscious. 

To help us empower these women, sustain these communities and give opportunity to the children of our future you can donate by using the link below <3

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