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A Beautiful Berlin Metta Sadhana

Last Saturday we held another Metta Sadhana workshop in Berlin and it was a most peaceful and beautiful success. 14 Berlin yogis gathered with me at the Bodhicharya Buddhist Center in Friedrichshain for an evening of yoga, meditation, qi gong and music therapy in the name of Karma Yoga to help bring clean water to the tribal areas of southern India and support orphaned Indian children. Collectively yogis donated a total of 217 euros after the workshop, half way to building a water well which will supply 200 people with clean drinking water for a lifetime. The generosity and dedication to healing practice shown by brothers and sisters in Berlin this year has been truly inspiring and incredibly heart opening and I look forward to the next perfect moment of healing and sharing with this city next year.

Deep gratitude to all who were there to practice for those who need our help. We will announce more Metta Sadhanas and other events for this year in the United States, Morroco, and Sweden in the coming weeks. Thank you and may peace love and healing be with all of you <3

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