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Metta Sadhana Berlin // Saturday September 10th

Dearest Berlin brothers and sisters,

After an epic journey to Boom festival in Portugal I'm back in Berlin and will host my last Metta Sadhana session for Anahata Ma this year in Europe at Bodhicharya Berlin this Saturday at 6pm. This offering is by donation and any and all level yogis are welcome to join for a beautiful evening of stretching, chanting and relaxing in the name of Karma Yoga to help people that need us in the tribal areas of southern India.

I look forward to practicing with all of you and if not, I will see you next year at the perfect moment :)

Workshop Info:

Where - Bodhicharya Buddhist Center, Kinzigstraße 25, Berlin When - Saturday September 10th from 6pm to 8pm (try to arrive 10 minutes early) ॐ Metta Sadhana ॐ Metta, meaning unconditional friendliness and Sadhana, meaning spiritual practice is a two hour synthesis class combining the ancient healing practices of yoga, viapssana meditation, qi gong, mantra chanting, kirtan and music therapy designed to open the heart and nourish the mind, body and spirit. Both experienced and novice yogis are welcome to connect and share this beautiful moment of peace and healing together. We will practice together in the name of Karma Yoga, selfless service, to heal not only ourselves but those living without the basic needs to sustain well being in southern India. By healing ourselves we can heal the Earth.

Facebook Invite:

With Metta <3


By healing ourselves we can heal the earth <3

With Metta <3

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