Vipassana Meditation and Minfulness Practice

Vipassana and minfulness are the fundamental teachings in buddhist practice and philosophy. Vipassana meditation is the practice of seeing things as they are with moment to moment affectionate awareness in the present moment.  Through practicing this technique of meditation past, future and unskillful patterns of thinking can be uprooted to alleviate the unnecessary suffering caused by the untrained mind.


Mindfulness is the art of knowing what is, now.  Vipassana is like the meditation practice of mindfulness, where as mindfulness itself can be practiced in any moment and as a path of life.  With mindful practice the mind discovers the infinite seeds of joy that exists within our experience in the present moment.  Mindfulness is awareness of what is plus quality and friendliness of that awareness.  For example, it is one thing to be aware of our foot, we feel the foot and see that it is there.  When we become mindful of the foot we realize that it supports our body weight in every step and that it enables us the gift of walking transportatation. Through that realization a seed of joy within us is watered and nourished.  Through mindfulness great insight is achieved and the joy of being automatically arises.