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Anahata Ma is a grassroots charity organization and community focused on supporting those who are without the basic needs to sustain health and well being.  Our mission is to bring relief to impoverished areas of our planet by giving the gift of clean drinking water, basic health care and quality food to those living without. 

We are an open community of like minded healers, yoga/mediation teachers, artists, musicians and beautiful brothers and sisters alike striving together to alleviate global suffering.  We do this by offering our creative gifts and healing practices through classes and workshops on a donation basis around the world to help raise awareness and funds for Anahata Ma Projects.  We understand that by healing ourselves we are healing the Earth.

We supply food, basic health care and all material needs for a small orphanage of twelve children in the state of Kerala in southern India and build water wells in the surrounding tribal areas. Each water well we build supplies approximately 20-30 families access to clean safe drinking water.

The long term project of Anahata Ma is to create Eco Orphanages around the world  starting in southern India.  These orphanages will be designed in complete harmony with the laws of nature by incorporating permaculture farming for food supply, organic composting of all waste, use of renewable energy, meditation, mindful living, and educating the children living there on all of these beautiful practices.  Eco orphanages will not only house and care for previously homeless children but also lay a foundation of sustainable living practices for our future on Earth.  

Anahata is a Sanskrit word which means heart chakra or loving kindness energy and Ma represents mother.  Together as Anahata Ma it means the mother/source or pure loving energy of the heart.  With Anahata Ma as our inspiration we are surrendered to rising up with fearless love to the call of today's issues of starvation and ecological emergency through sharing our healing practices and gifts.  We hope to inspire the next generation of open heart children to guide us in re connecting the human race back to the truth and Love from which we came.  Through this course of action we aspire to one day experience global oneness and true peace on our beautiful Mother Earth.


The Story

Anahata Ma was created in 2016 by Ian Wilkes in the spirit of Karma Yoga (selfless service) after having a close experience with the poverty, lack of clean drinking water and suffering that plagues the tribal areas of southern India and consequentially all of the impoverished areas of our planet.