Yoga is the life practice of realizing oneness through purifying the body and mind.  It is the practice of unifying our head, heart and hands, our thoughts, emotions and actions. Yoga is ancient wisdom that dates back 10,000 years ago first appearing in vedic texts from India. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means to join or to unify.  There are many paths of yoga inlcuding jnana yoga(the path of knowlege), karma yoga(path of selfless service), bhakti yoga(path of devotion) and most popular in todays world hatha yoga, the purification of body and mind through physical postures (asana) and breathing (pranayama) practices.  All of these paths are slightly different however are inter connected and share one main purpose, to purify on's being so that truth and harmony can be experienced.  By traveling one path the others will be eventually realized as well.      

Today hatha yoga is widely practiced throughtout the world and is very popular.  The practice of asana has been thoroughly researched through the eyes of science and it's theraputic benefits are unumberable.  It strengthens and balances all body systems while at the same time calming the mind alleviating comon ailments such as stress, anxiety and depression.  If the body is happy, then the mind will become happy and vice versa, they are undoubtebly connected.  Although many westerners practice yoga only to enjoy a physical workout without the intention of spirutial practice overtime a practioner will begain to experience greater peace and harmony in their life.