ॐ Mindfulness and Vipassana - The Art of Knowing Now // Berlin, Germany ॐ

ॐ Dearest Berlin Yogis ॐ

On Tuesday, August 2nd I will give a Dharma Talk on the Buddhist teachings of Mindfulness and Vipassana followed by a guided meditation practice and metta music therapy.

We will begin at 8pm at Bodhicharya Buddhist Center, Kinzigstraße 25, 10247 Berlin.

ॐ MINDFULNESS AND VIPASSANA - THE ART OF KNOWING NOW ॐ What does it mean to be fully available to the experience of our life in the present moment? How can we connect with truth here and now to eleviate the suffering created by past, future and unskillful patterns of thinking? Mindfulness and vipassana are priceless gifts bestowed upon us by the Buddha that answer these questions and are the fundamental teachings and practice in Buddhism. ॐ THE WORKSHOP ॐ This is a two hour workshop designed to give you a complete understanding of the buddhist teachings of mindfulness and vipassana from both an intellectual standpoint and from experiencing the practice first hand. The first hour will be a Dharma talk, a thorough discourse on the teachings of mindfulness and vipassana. The second hour we will enter into the magical healing space of vipassana and metta together through a guided walking, sitting and savasana with a special Metta Music therapy meditation and metta chanting to end the session. Our practice together will both still the mind and open the heart, allowing for healing and insight to arise for any level practitioner. ॐ ALL YOGIS WELCOME ॐ If you are an experienced meditator or have done a vipassana retreat in the past, this session will give you a nice refresher, deepen your practice and give a different perspective and explanation of the teachings. If you are completely new to meditation, this experience may change your life completely for the better and will give you the tools to understand mindful living and begin a daily meditation practice. ॐ ANAHATA MA ॐ This workshop is offered freely by DONATION in the spirit of Karma Yoga with 100% of offerings going to Anahata Ma orphanage and water well projects in southern India ♥ To learn more visit our website, facebook and share the donation link ♥ :::Website::: www.anahatama.com :::Facebook::: https://www.facebook.com/anahatama :::Donate::: https://www.tilt.com/tilts/anahata-ma-humanitarian-projects ॐ WHAT TO BRING ॐ A notebook if you would like to take some notes during the talk and you're beautiful spirit :) We have pillows, mats and blankets for you for sitting and mediation periods. ॐ ABOUT IAN ॐ Ian Wilkes is a musician, dharma, meditation and yoga teacher from the east coast of North America. Ian has traveled extensively seeking the truths of our human experience through the teachings of the ancients and his own experience. From living in silence with Buddhist monks in northern Burma to indigenous tribes in the Amazon to yoga ashrams throughout India, Ian brings a dynamic approach to opening the heart, grounding the mind in the present and healing utilizing teachings from many ancient cultures along with his own creation of medicinal music. May we relax into our experience of the present and discover the truth of well being in everything. ॐ By healing ourselves, we are healing the Earth ॐ ॐ Om Namo Anahata Ma Namaha ॐ

ॐ By healing ourselves, we are healing the Earth ॐ

ॐ Om Namo Anahata Ma Namaha ॐ


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ॐ Om Namo Anahata Ma Namaha ॐ

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