ॐ Metta Sadhana Berlin = 200 People with Clean Drinking Water for a Lifetime ॐ

ॐ Namaste Beautiful Berlin Yogis ॐ

Last night was the first Metta Sadhana workshop for Anahata Ma in Berlin and it was a massive heart opening, deep healing experience and success. My beautiful sister Eva Kaczor and I led a flowing two hour class of yoga, qigong, vipassana meditation, music therapy, mantra chanting and Metta practice for 25 beautiful Berlin yogis. The display of generosity after the class was truly incredible. Collectively yogis donated €450 after the class which is enough to build a water well that will supply 200 people in the tribal areas of southern India with clean drinking water for a lifetime! A HUGE deal and the most precious gift we can give brothers and sisters in this life. Through healing ourselves we brought healing to our Earth.

This display of pure generosity of the heart from Berlin is beyond inspiring and is the heart beat of what Anahata Ma is all about.

Thank you SO much Berlin for this beautiful moment of Metta Sadhana and for the gift you have just given the world. More Metta Sadhana practice sessions will be announced this week for the month of August. May all beings be well, peaceful, safe, happy and free of suffering <3

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