ॐ Metta Sadhana Workshop - Berlin, Germany ॐ

It is with great excitement to announce that I will teach a Metta Sadhana Workshop for Anahata Ma this Friday, July 29th, at the beautiful Bodhicharya Center in Berlin, Germany with my dear sister Eva Kaczor. Eva is a well respected veteran vinyassa teacher in Berlin with many years of teaching and deep practice experience in yoga therapy. We will teach a flowing two hour class combing many beautiful practices including yoga, qigong, vipassana meditation, medicinal music therapy and metta meditation designed to deepen the practice, peace and insight of any level practitioner. 100% of donations from yogis will go directly to our projects feeding the children of the orphanage and bringing clean drinking water to the tribal areas of southern India. Please join us if you are in Berlin for an evening of deep peace and Karma Yoga <3

About Eva


Eva is a highly experienced and passionate Vinyasa Yoga teacher and body expert. She studied yoga as well as the anatomical principles of Spiraldynamics with wellknown yoga experts in NYC, India, Mexico, Bali, Thailand and Berlin. Next to Yoga she teaches intelligent workout routines and supports you in building your own. Eva teaches a powerful Vinyasa Yoga Flow that incorporated strength building movements, clear breathing instructions and a focus on healthy alignment of bones in your body. In her classes you work and balance the energetic and physical body. There is a sweat but also a spiritual journey to yourself. Being a music and dance floor lover, her classes are accompanied by sound, ranging from Electro to Mantra.

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