ॐ Thank you Brussels ॐ

ॐ Namaste Brussels Yogis ॐ It was an honor to share the gifts of meditation, yoga and medicine music in this beautiful city during the months of May and June. After just 10 workshops and several private sessions we raised a total of 1,405€. Because of this, it is with great joy to announce that we have started the construction of a much needed new bathroom and plumbing for the Canan Children's home. In addition to this we now have a savings which will supply the orphanage with quality food for the next five months, new school uniforms and play clothes for the children. Attached are some of the pictures from the workshops, the children in their new threads and the new bathroom construction.

Thank you dearly most beautiful Brussels yogis for coming to the workshops to heal and donate. By healing ourselves we are healing the Earth <3

#Brussels #CananChildrensHome

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